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Potential recruits holding cards that say hire me

Find Talent

Staffing solutions that are focused on collaboration, not automation.

Our recruitment process is based on taking the time to build real relationships with our candidates. We then connect them to companies like yours, resulting in the best matches in the industry.

We Know The Right People

At ICS, we know the right people. Our recruitment process is centered around understanding our candidates as well as possible. Others call this passive candidate recruiting, we think of it as proactive candidate recruiting. It allows us to take the time to understand the wants and needs of the candidates in our community. This results in strong matches for you, so you can stop looking for talent, and grow your business.


We take the time to understand our clients before connecting them with the right people. Arrange a time for to discuss how we can connect you with the right people for your team.



We understand how to find and retain not only highly skilled people, but the right people. Click the link below so you can tap into our highly skilled talent community.