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Compliance & Legal

Compliance & Legal

Helping you find peace of mind in today’s complex regulatory landscape of never-ending examinations and personal liability.

ICS has been the essential go-to Compliance and Legal staffing partner in a period of massive change, demanding regulations, and high stakes risk and competition. ICS thrives by creating and cultivating strong relationships with talented professionals and connecting them with firms within a variety of industries. 

Careers in Law and Compliance

The opportunities for growth or employment as buisiness counsel, compliance and fraud prevention are rising rapidly with every large business in United States. With innovation around every corner, there more vulnerabilities than ever before and as such there is more need for in-house counsel.

Roles like Compliance Officer, Paralegals, and Associates are becoming an essential position for any busines and more important to safeguard your assets. ICS, a leader in successfully matching the right people with the right organizations, can make your search for Compliance & Legal jobs a much easier one. Our team of expert Legal Recruiters specializes in matching the right people into these roles. 

Compliance & Legal JOB OFFERINGS

These are just some of the Compliance & Legal job titles in which ICS places candidates. Click to browse current job listings for that title.

Compliance & Legal Job Listings Near You

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